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Ch North Star's Mad Maxx ROM
  Ch Chiheisen Take It To the Maxx ROM
Ch Chiheisen Holly No Daitan
SIRE ::    Ch T'Stone Hot Blooded Chiheisen
Ch Goshen Lethal Weapon
T'Stones Shelby the One
Fairwind Hearts On Fire
Ch Goshen Lethal Weapon
Ch T'Stone's The Hustler ROM
Fairwind Hearts On Fire
DAM ::     Ch Red Sun's Blaze of II Sons
Ch Toki-O Rooty Toot Toot Sunrise
Red Sun Classy Sassy Sunrise
Chiheisen King's Lady Sunrise


F, R, H Fodrey & S Thomas 
DOB December 3, 1999
CERF AK3729/2003-47


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